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Magic Zap

Magic Zap is a very powerful and magical software. Magic Zap will allow you to present personalised dynamic websites to your visitors. Start your 14 day free trial and pay nothing today!
$27/mo after trial
$47/mo after trial
$97/month after trial
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • 14 Day Free Trial. Pay nothing today.
  • Increased engagement and conversions
  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Ability to create completely customised websites and landing pages.
  • Ability to track website activity - Know who is on your website and when. Know what your website visitors are doing. 
  • Ability to trigger custom automation when leads visit your website.
  • Ability to prepopulate form data
  • Magic Option - Pass data to each new page that your visitor visits. You can turn this on or off. 
  • Cookies - We'll store all your data in a site wide cookie so next time yours visit your site Magic Zap will work. You can also turn this feature on or off. 
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